“Your Rights, Your Future”: Order the DVD Now!

The Legal Action Center is proud to announce that our new video, "Your Rights, Your Future: Preparing for Reentry" can now be ordered in DVD form. The 30-minute video, which can also be streamed and downloaded free right here on our site, is a video guide to give people leaving prison the skills and knowledge to find jobs and prepare them for the challenges of re-entry.

LAC has had many requests for copies of the DVD, a collaboration with the Organization for Visual Progression, since its crowd-rousing premiere at the Discharge Planning Collaboration’s bi-annual retreat earlier this year. Now, anyone can order it for free, plus a small cost for shipping and handling.


  • The first DVD is free, but individuals are responsible for a shipping and handling charge of $10.99.
  • If you order more than one copy, each additional DVD will cost $4.
  • To order, please call Desiree at (973) 361-1700, ext. 252.

We encourage everyone to make as many copies of the DVD as they wish; we want this information to reach anyone it might help. We do make one small request: Please consider taking a few moments to fill out a short survey to help us improve this and future products.

The DVD gives individuals information about obtaining a copy of their New York State rap sheet, understanding what is on it, and correcting any errors. It also discusses preparations for re-entering the labor market and highlights the success stories of others who have made the same journey. Downloadable LAC manuals are also included, delving deeper into the topics covered in the film.


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