National Advocacy

Through our Washington, D.C. office, LAC advocates with Congress and the presidential administration to improve our federal laws and policies in order to:

Improve Health Responses to Addiction
and Eliminate Discrimination
  • Ensure that substance use prevention, treatment and recovery support services and providers are fully included as the Affordable Care Act is implemented;
  • Expand funding for life-saving alcohol and drug treatment, prevention, and recovery services and research;
  • End discrimination against people in recovery or suffering from addiction;
  • Protect the privacy of treatment records and information.
Improve Criminal Justice Policy
  • Support alternatives to incarceration and other community-based diversion programs for appropriate individuals;
  • Support smarter more effective policies that cost less and make our communities safer; and
  • End discrimination against people with criminal records and encourage re-entry.



Strengthening Health Responses 
to Addiction and Protecting Privacy

Improving Our Criminal Justice Policy

Eliminating Discrimination Against People With Histories of Addiction/Criminal Records