New York State Policy Advocacy

Legal Action Center conducts policy advocacy activities to promote addiction and AIDS treatment, prevention and research, to fight discrimination, reform sentencing laws, protect privacy, and promote other sound public policies. LAC advocates adoption of public policies that:

  • protect people in recovery or still suffering from addiction, people with HIV/AIDS, and people with criminal records against discrimination in employment, housing, benefits, zoning and other areas, and violations of privacy
  • expand alcohol and drug and HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and research
  • reform mandatory sentencing laws to enable community sanctioning of appropriate — especially non-violent, often addicted — offenders
  • expand funding for community corrections, including alternatives to incarceration

Changing Landscapes: Transforming Communities and the Criminal Justice System

Presented by the Legal Action Center in June 2013, this mini-conference offered attendees an opportunity to learn about changes that federal health care reform and New York State Medicaid Redesign will have on the criminal justice population with a particular focus on health homes, HIV, Hepatitis C and other chronic conditions. The event also addressed ways to stay informed, get active on these issues and connect with others who care about these issues and this population.

Conference materials are available below for download.

Our Issues

  • Women's Initiative to Stop HIV
    in New York State (WISH-NY)
Criminal Justice Alcohol & Drugs

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